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If you asked the people I spend the most time with what I'm like and what I'm about...they would say:


I used to say that I wasn't any of those... But that's changed. I'm standing up for myself and not apologizing anymore. I am funny as hell. I have been a successful person throughout my life and will continue to be...because I've never accepted anything less. I care deeply for those around me and the world at large. I don't apologize for loving those that I do...because it brings me great joy to make their lives better.

I've always asked what it means to be truly independent. I think I've finally figured it out. There have been times when I have forgotten who I was...when I thought maybe I was wrong about just how good I am...but not anymore. I don't say that out of conceit, I say it out of truth. I am honest, smart, and above all, not a quitter. I don't give up on others and I've stopped trying to give up on myself. The love of my life is a man named Dutch...he was not in the plan. I didn't believe or trust in love until I met him. Now we're engaged to be married! My how things change...